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Voodoo Doll Cone Burner Incense

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Burn your incense like a witch

VooDooSense is the coolest cone burner you’ll ever see! Hand-made with attention to detail, our spooky doll creates the perfect setting for burning incense in your home!

When you light it up, the smoke will go through VooDooSense’s eyes and mouth to make it look even spookier. It will never fail to make an impression on the guests!

When it’s not serving as a cone burner VooDooSense is a great piece for your shelf! Create a magical setting each time you light up incense inside your creepy companion!

Why VooDooSense is for you

Bewitch your surroundings- Enchant the atmosphere with a sense of mystery, make any scene spookier with VooDooSense!

Purify your soul- Cleanse not only your air but yourself as well when burning incense inside VooDooSense!

Made by witches- What a better way to burn incense than in a thematic spooky doll, smoking from its eyes and mouth!

VooDooSense is the ultimate choice- Enjoy the smell of incense all around your home, let VooDooSense spread the spooky vibes and purifying aromas!


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